nursery crib


Cribs are designed to restrict a baby or young child to the bed.

Many countries have set standards for cribs to reduce falls, suffocation and other hazards. A crib is often used after an infant has grown out of a bassinette and can sleep on its own in the nursery.

Types of Cribs

There are some variations between kinds of cribs but most are fairly standard considering the regulations that surround cribs. Some cribs are more portable than others, allowing them to be traveled with or moved from room to room in a house.

Convertible cribs are very popular as they have a use after the baby grows into a toddler and even older child. Convertible cribs can be converted into a toddler bed, a daybed and sometimes even a double bed. These cribs have side pieces that can be removed, transforming them into other types of beds. These cribs typically require conversion kits in order to convert them into a different kind of bed.

Most cribs nowadays are made from wood however some incorporate plastic, veneer and other materials into the design. Some cribs are made from solid wood and are very sturdy and heavy. Cribs are available in many different colors and styles. White, natural and espresso colors are quite common nowadays for nursery furniture. These standard color of cribs allow for décor of any kind in a nursery. As for styles of cribs, there is quite a variation depending on preference. There are more rounded with scrollwork and therefore are more frilly styles for girls, more square and straight for boys and of course there are also in between styles that is perfect for gender neutral cribs.

Brand Names of Cribs

Shermag, Delta, Baby Italia and Storkcraft are some of the top baby crib manufacturers. There are many other crib manufacturers however these are the manufacturers that are both popular and have average prices.

Shermag manufactures a variety of furniture including dining room, adult bedrooms as well as youth bedrooms, nurseries and gliders. Their cribs range in wood, colors, style and price. Their website offers higher-end nursery collections that can be ordered however, their middle-end collections can be found in baby stores. Their cribs can be purchased separately or in a collection with other pieces of furniture such as change tables and dressers.

Delta is a moderately priced crib manufacturer. Delta offers a great variety of convertible cribs in standard colors such as white, espresso and cherry. Delta manufactures many lines of cribs including a Disney Princess line. Their cribs can also be purchased with other nursery items in a collection such as changing tables, chests, nightstands and dressers.

Baby Italia offers quality cribs and crib collections. Their cribs often have extensive wood detail such as crown moulding and scrollwork. Their cribs are made from solid wood and therefore are heavy and sturdy pieces of furniture.

Storkcraft is another manufacturer of cribs and their nursery collections are reasonably priced. Storkcraft offers other furniture items to go with their cribs such as gliders, dressers, toy chests and dressers. They offer cribs in six standard finishes and the styles range from feminine to masculine to gender neutral.

Price of Cribs

The price of cribs depends on a few factors: quality, wood type, whether it’s custom made or in stock and whether it is bought with other pieces in a nursery collection. Quality workmanship and materials will increase the price of cribs significantly. Top of the line material, using skilled carpenters and hand staining are examples of factors that could increase the cost of a crib. Often these quality cribs are not mass-produced and must be either custom-made or ordered in advance.

Sometimes there are specials or deals available if the crib is bought as a package with other pieces of nursery furniture such as changing tables, dressers and even gliders.

The type of wood used to make the crib is also a consideration in the price. Solid wood is much more expensive than veneer or plastic and therefore the cost will be greater for those cribs. Manufacturers such as Baby Italia only produce cribs made of solid wood and have greater detail which drives up the price of their cribs.