Devoted mother playing with baby on changing table

Change Tables

A change table is a necessary piece of furniture, typically found in a nursery.

The table not only provides a surface to change a baby’s diaper but often stores baby essentials as well. There are many different kinds of changing tables, depending on needs, preferences and setup of the nursery.

Kinds of Change Tables

There are many kinds of change tables available to suit every need. When purchasing a change table, it is important to think of what the needs are. Some people like having the change table house all of the baby’s clothes, changing essentials and other accessories. Other people would prefer just a change table that is a stand and doesn’t store anything. These change tables are quite plain and simple. Some tables can be part of a nursery collection, offering many different designs and kinds.

There are many styles of change tables which are differentiated by materials, craftsmanship, and shape. Most change tables are made of wood, such as oak, pine or cherry. They can be made of solid wood or veneer. They are also available in different standard finishes that can coordinate with nursery room décor. In order to save space in a nursery some change tables are shaped to be place in a corner of the room. They can also be a combination dresser/change table. This combination is in essence a dresser with the option to place a contour change table pad on top. This not only saves space but also money as one less piece of nursery furniture needs to be purchased.

Many change tables have some sort of storage integrated into its design. Some storage options available include drawers, shelves, baskets, cubes and cupboards. These options may also be shaped to hold certain essentials such as diapers, wipes, lotions and possibly some clothing. Regardless of what type of change table is preferred, it is important to choose one that comes with a safety belt, is sturdy and has a thick change pad – preferably one that is contoured to help keep baby safe.

Brand Names of Change Tables

There are many brand names of change tables with some brands being more popular than others. Storkcraft, Delta, South Shore Furniture and Sorelle are all common names of change tables. Storkcraft offers a variety of change tables, depending on preference. Storkcraft produces change tables in many different types of wood and finishes – cognac, natural, cherry, espresso and so on. They also offer different design styles that include with drawers, shelves, cupboards, and cubes. Their designs also include a combination of those organization tools.

Delta produces some different designs of change tables, making them a popular manufacturer. One of their designs includes a change table that attaches to a crib. This style is a space saver and also gives a sleek, modern look. Their change tables also have a variety of options for storage and organization.

South Shore Furniture is yet another manufacturer of change tables that is known in nursery products. Most of South Shore Furniture change tables are made of solid wood and are much sturdier and heavier in design than others. Many of their designs include drawers and shelves and come in many different finishes such as white, espresso and cherry.

Sorelle makes a good variety of change tables, making them also a popular choice when purchasing change tables. Sorelle’s styles include a change table attached to a crib, stand alone change tables as well as combination dressers and change tables. The latter style makes it a versatile piece of furniture that can be used as the child grows up. Another feature of many of Sorelle’s change tables is that they have wheels, which makes them more portable than heavier models.

Price of Change Tables

The price of change tables range from $100 up to hundreds of dollars, depending on a few factors. One factor is whether the change table is made of solid wood or melamine. Solid wood change tables are more expensive. Solid wood change tables also typically have some sort of design in the wood. Scrollwork and craftsmanship can increase the price of the change table significantly. One way to decrease the cost of a change table can be to purchase the piece from a nursery collection. Often when buying multiple pieces of furniture in a nursery collection, the cost of the change table decreases. Another influence of price can be convenience – for instance, a change table that can be conveniently placed in a corner may be priced higher than those that can be housed anywhere in a room.