high angle view of a baby girl sleeping in a crib

Bedding & Decor

Parents often want to create a warm, loving room for their baby to sleep in.

Nursery bedding can help create that atmosphere. Nursery bedding is available for girls or boys or bedding can be gender-neutral. There are different pieces of bedding associated with a nursery to choose from depending on style, décor and preferences.

Types of Bedding & Decor

There are many different pieces of nursery room bedding. Comforters, quilts, sheets, bumpers, blankets and dust ruffles are just a few of the pieces available. These pieces can be made of many different materials however, there are some common features. Blankets tend to be lighter than quilts and comforters and are commonly used in nurseries. Bumpers are bedding pieces that are affixed around the inside of the crib, providing softness against the slats of the crib. As such, bumpers are generally padded. Sheet sets tend to include a fitted sheet for the mattress as well as a sheet that matches to go under a quilt, comforter or blanket.

Bedding sets typically include a comforter or quilt, sheets and so on. There are different sizes of bedding sets – some sets only come with the quilt and sheet set, others come with other pieces of nursery décor. Nursery décor items can include lamps, mobiles, diaper hanger, clothes hamper, wall decals, rugs – the list goes on and on with all the possible pieces.

It is important, especially for a newborn, that the bedding in a crib is minimized. As newborns cannot control their neck, it is possible for them to suffocate from bedding pieces. Babies can roll over while in their crib and possibly roll into bedding that could obstruct their breathing. For this reason, some parents buy only the minimal bedding set or may buy the larger sets but only use certain pieces until the babies are older.

Brand Names of Bedding & Decor

As with many baby items, there is an abundance of brand names for nursery bedding and décor. A few of the more popular brand names are: Disney, Carter’s, Sweet Jojo Designs and Lambs & Ivy. Disney offers a few different Winnie-the-Pooh bedding collections. Their collections range from 4 to 7 pieces including pieces such as sheets, dust ruffles, comforters as well as wall hangings. Certain pieces of their nursery collections can also be purchased separately however, the standard pieces come in a set. Most of Disney’s collections are gender-neutral however, there are a few that are gender specific.

Carter’s makes nursery bedding collections for mainly for boys and girls, with only one or two sets that are considered gender-specific. Carter’s also has a mix and match line that allows for parents to create their own bedding collections instead of having them pre-made. This line lets parents choose from a wide range of bedding products according to their design needs.

Jojo Designs offers many different lines of nursery bedding collections. Their collections are fairly traditional and gender-specific. Their nursery collections are generally 9 pieces and include: a comforter, bumper pads, crib skirt, pillow, fitted sheet, diaper stacker, toy bag and two window valences. There are also additional pieces that can be purchased.

Lambs & Ivy is also a popular brand of nursery bedding and décor. Their gender-specific sets include nine pieces and have different themes such as: aquatics, safari, aviation as well as nature-based themes. This brand can be found at many children’s department and specialty stores.

Price of Bedding & Decor

Nursery bedding and décor can typically be bought separately or in a collection. Often, purchasing a nursery bedding collection is less expensive than buying the pieces individually, except if all the pieces in the collection are not wanted.

As there are so many brand names to choose from, there are bedding and décor collections available to meet any budget. Basic sets can start at just under a hundred dollars and go up from there. More comprehensive sets can start at about $150 and increase based on number of pieces and quality. These sets usually have at least seven pieces and can go up to nine or even eleven pieces or more. Often, buying the coordinates that match a set can be fairly expensive so when purchasing a nursery bedding and décor set, the number of pieces in the set is very important.