Mother bending over cradle


Often babies sleep in bassinets before graduating to cribs.

Cribs may be too large for babies from birth to four months and therefore bassinets may be more comforting as they are much smaller. Bassinets also allow for the baby to sleep in the parents’ bedroom for the first few months.

Types of Bassinets

There are two main different types of bassinets: light or sturdy. The light bassinets are often easily portable, making them very popular. The sturdier bassinets are more stationary and may not be moved from room to room. Originally, bassinets were designed for carrying the baby from place to place. The basket part that houses the baby may come off, leaving a raised stand. The raised stand reduces back strain on the parents’ backs. There are also those that consist of a wheeled frame. This type of bassinet allows the bassinet to be converted to a baby carriage.

For the most part, bassinets do not range considerably in size. All bassinets are smaller than a standard size crib. The weight of the bassinet often decides its portability. Those that are very light are sometimes called Moses baskets. These are very portable bassinets.

Another type of bassinet is the co-sleeper bassinet. These bassinets have one side that is lower and it is that side that is attached closely to the mother’s side of the bed. This kind of bassinet allows the baby to have a separate sleeping space but also stay close to the mother.

Bassinets also differ in other features. For example detachable hoods are common and are preferable. Wheels on the bottom of the bassinet are found on many as they make moving the bassinet from room to room that much easier. Some offer foldable legs that helps to save space.

Brand Names of Bassinets

Some popular brand names of bassinets include: Summer Infant, Graco, Badger Basket Co. and Arm’s Reach. Summer Infant makes a wide range of bassinets – from heavy, less portable models to travel, on-the-go bassinets. Some Summer Infant bassinets also have a feature that can sway the babies to put them to sleep. Sleeper bassinets are two of Summer Infant’s best selling models. These bassinets are placed on the bed with the parents, giving the closeness of sleeping together but also providing safety.

Graco offers bassinets with many of their playards. The playards are great for travel but are often a little large for young babies to sleep in, therefore Graco created bassinets inside the playard. These bassinets are portable and are easily transported however to use the bassinet, the entire playard must be used. One model of Graco’s playards comes with bassinets for twins – a model that distinguishes the brand from others.

Badger Basket Co. makes a great selection of bassinets. They offer more traditional oval bassinets as well as more modern styles that fit in with modern décor to choose from. Many of their bassinets come with bedding. Badger bassinets also come standard with canopies which help to shield babies from light.

Arm’s Reach makes a few different kinds of bassinets however they are known for their co-sleeper bassinet. This bassinet allows parents to sleep closer to their infants and sleep more safely than having the infant in their bed. The bassinet actually attaches to the parents bed.

Price of Bassinets

Bassinets range in price considerably. It is possible to purchase a cheap $50 bassinet but they typically start at about $100. Bassinets can increase to hundreds of dollars depending on manufacturer and quality of materials. The price of bassinets can increase if bedding, canopies and other accessories are included. The price also depends on how sturdy the bassinet is and what materials are used to make the bassinet. The use of solid wood drives up the price of the bassinet considerably. Custom made bassinets are much more expensive than those found abundantly in children’s stores. Of course, workmanship and detail of the bassinet also plays a factor in the cost. Another factor in price can be the bassinet’s portability. Sometimes those that are the most portable can be priced higher because of their convenience.