wireless Baby monitor

Baby Monitors

A baby monitor allows the caregiver to listen to the sounds of a child that is in a different room.

When the caregiver is out of hearing distance of a baby, it can alert a caregiver to the baby waking, can give a sense of security to know that the baby is ok as well as some monitors perform other functions, ie temperature in the nursery.

Types of Baby Monitors

A baby monitor can be used in any house although the need for a monitor increases with a larger home. A typical baby monitor consists of a transmitter unit with microphone that is placed near the infant and a receiver unit that is portable and can be moved wherever the caregiver goes in the house. Most of the monitors are one way communication – the caregiver can only listen to the baby. These are audio only units. There are some units that have two way communication functions where the caregiver can also speak to the child. This function may be more useful when the child gets older and may be less useful when the infant is very young. One feature that some baby monitors might have is music. The caregiver can play music through the monitor for the child.

Another kind of baby monitor includes video instead of audio alone. The transmitter unit has a video camera and the receiving unit has a small display so the caregiver can watch the child. These can be called baby cams. Many of these monitors can work with low light and therefore are great at night.

Movement baby monitors track the baby’s movement. An alarm will go off when movement stops for a certain period of time. As these monitors sense movement, many think that they will help prevent SIDS in young infants. These monitors have sensor pads that are placed beneath the crib to detect movement.

Brand Names of Baby Monitors

While there are many brands of baby monitors, there are a few brands that are more trusted than others. Some of these brands are Graco, Safety First, Angelcare and Fisher-Price. Graco offers a few different baby monitors. Recent technology is incorporated into the Graco Family Listen N Talk Monitor. This monitor has walkie-talkie features so the two receivers can listen and talk. The Graco Ultra Clear Monitor is very lightweight and offers two channels in hopes to minimize interference.

Angelcare baby monitor is not just an audio monitor – it also senses the baby’s movements. Sensor pads are placed under the crib and it will send an alert if the infant stops breathing. This monitor also uses lights to show the baby’s sound.

Safety First offers the Childview TV and Video Monitor that combines audio with video. The ability to visualize as well as hear the infant is a desired feature among parents. This monitor comes with a black and white display to be able to view the baby. Two channels are also part of this monitor to minimize interference.

Fisher-Price also makes a few different baby monitors. The Fisher-Price Calming Vibrations monitor has one main feature that differentiates it from other monitors: the caregiver can respond to the infant by playing soothing sounds and calming vibrations. The remote control makes this easy for the parents to control the crib attachment.

Price of Baby Monitors

The main factors that decide on the price of baby monitors are the features offered and manufacturer. Features that are added above just an audio two piece monitor increase the price. Some of these features can include video, music, remote controls, LCD displays and so on. A monitor such as the Graco Ultra Clear monitor is more reasonably priced and is a popular choice.

Video monitors require much more technology and hardware, driving up the cost of the monitor. This is still a popular type of monitor, however as many parents like the ability to view the baby instead of having to physically check on the child.

Another expensive type of monitor is the movement sensor monitor. Again these monitors require more hardware and technology than basic audio monitors and therefore are much more expensive.