Mother potty training daughter (2-3)

Potty Chairs

Many people believe that with the right potty chair, potty training can be successful.

The number of brands and types of potty chairs can be overwhelming, especially trying to decide which one to purchase. As there are so many types of potty chairs, it is important to research which one is right for the individual child.

Types of Potty Chairs

One popular type of potty chairs is to convert your regular-sized toilet into one that is kid-friendly. This can be done by purchasing a plastic seat over top of the regular seat. This seat makes the opening of the toilet narrower and not as deep. Potty seats usually make a regular toilet less daunting for little ones. These seats are usually boldly colored and sometimes feature themed characters. Another kind of potty seat is a flip seat that allows the seat to be flipped up when there is a need for the regular seat to be used, instead of having to store the potty seat.

There is also a standalone potty chair. This kind of potty is for use by toddlers. One downside is that the toilet must be emptied into the regular toilet as these potty chairs do not flush. Another downside is that it does need to be cleaned, adding an extra toilet to clean. One benefit of the standalone potty is that children find them easier to use as they are much smaller and are at their height. They are also less daunting for little ones than a regular-sized toilet. Some standalone potties are in different shapes, for example a baseball or bug. They may also come with designs printed on them. Sometimes these standalone toilets offer additional features such as music and noise to encourage children to use the potty chair.


Brand Names of Potty Chairs

Three brand names that manufacture potty chairs are: The First Years, Safety 1st and BabyBjorn. The First Years has a Disney line of potty chairs. One of their best-selling potty chairs is the 3-in-1 Celebration Potty System. This potty system features Mickey Mouse, who gives positive reinforcement by saying “hip-hip-hooray” when the arm is flushed. This 3-in-1 system potty chair is versatile as it grows with the child. Little ones can start by using the standalone potty. Then there is a removable potty training seat which can be detached and put on the regular-sized toilet. Once the seat is off, the base of the potty chair becomes a handy step-stool. It has a soft seat for the child’s comfort, an easy to clean lift-out pot and bright colors to make potty training more positive.

BabyBjorn offers a few different potty chairs. The Smart Potty combines function with convenience. It is a compact potty so it can fit in any sized-bathroom. This potty has certain features that make it easy to clean. Comfort is enhanced with the ergonomic design and softness.

Safety 1st manufactures a few different kinds of potty chairs for toddlers. One innovative potty chairs is the Baseball Potty. It features a baseball design that is fun for little ones and encourages successful potty training. This potty has a soft seat for the child’s comfort as well as a sound module for the child’s entertainment. One the potty is flushed a recording of cheering fans provides positive reinforcement for the child.

Price of Potty Chairs

Potty chairs can vary somewhat in price depending on the type of chair, what it is constructed of and the brand name who manufactures it. Potty seat covers are the cheapest potties you can buy. The most basic plastic seat covers start at about $ 10 and they go upward from there. The price depends on the materials used, ie is the seat hard plastic or is it soft and cushiony?

Standalone potty chairs start at about $15 and the most expensive can be 100 or more. The average price of a standalone potty is approximately $20-25. The price range depends on the features of the chair, such as sounds and music as well as the designs. Themed character potties are more usually a little more expensive than those who are not based on a character.