Small baby first bathing


It is recommended that babies are bathed in a bathtub specifically designed for them.

Regular-sized bathtubs are very large and hold a lot more water than a baby’s bathtub and therefore are considered less safe. Babies bathtubs are smaller, hold less water and can be placed in areas that are easier for the caregiver to bathe them.

Types of Baths

In today’s market of baby items, there are many choices of baby bathtubs. Some types of baby baths include tubs with slings, plastic tubs, inflatable tubs, foldable tubs and baby spa tubs. Many baby bathtubs are contoured making it more comfortable for the child. Some tubs are even lined with a sponge interior that make it soft for the baby to lay on. Smooth, contoured baths that have a foam lining can provide maximum comfort for the baby. It is even better if the foam lining is mildew-resistant to protect against mildew forming inside the tub.

Convertible tubs are great purchases as their design allows them to grow with your child. They can be used from newborn, infant up to toddler stages. They are often a little larger than a bathtub designed only for small infants. When in use as a newborn or infant bath, there is a removable sling that attaches to keep the baby higher in the water. Once the child can sit up on his or her own, the sling can be removed and the child can sit and splash in the bath.

There are also foldable tubs that are very convenient for storage and travel purposes. They can fold up and fit into a cupboard or closet. One downside to these foldable baths is that they are not usually as solid or sturdy as those that do not fold.

Inflatable bathtubs are usually made of vinyl and are filled with air, making them soft for a baby to bathe in. Typically these baths are small so only infants can use them. They require less water due to their size.

Brand Names of Baths

As there are different types of bathtubs for babies, there are a wide range of brands who manufacture these baths. 4moms, Fisher-Price and Prince Lionheart all produce different types of bathtubs. 4moms offers the Cleanwater Infant Tub and Digital Spout Cover. This bath can be used from the newborn stage right up to toddler age. Included is a digital thermometer that is color-coded so it is easy to see the water temperature. The tub uses running water so there is always clean water in the bath to wash baby. As well, a bath sponge to help support newborns is also included. The digital bath spout cover protects your child from the faucet but also reads the water’s temperature.

Fisher-Price offers quite a few bathtubs for infants. Their Ocean Wonders Aquarium Bath Center is a bath that grows with the child from infancy to the toddler years. The sling supports a newborn in comfort and makes the tub even safer. This adjustable sling can provide reclining support. There is also a thermometer integrated into the bathtub as well as an infant head support piece. It also comes with bath time accessories.

Prince Lionheart manufactures a number of baby items including the Flexi Bath. This baby bath opens up to a large tub with a quick snap and folds easily for storage. This tub is great for traveling and can be taken to the beach, park or even the pool so baby can be in the water safely.

Price of Baths

Baby baths can be relatively inexpensive compared to other baby items as long as a reasonable tub is chosen. There are some baby spa tubs that feature all kinds of bells and whistles such as bubbling water from water jets, hand-held shower units and so on. These additional features drive up the cost of baby baths. The upscale models can cost $100 or more. Usually all these extra features are not necessary to wash a baby. For a basic baby bathtub, the cost starts around $15. These tubs are typically constructed of hard plastic. For those baby tubs with some features such as an integrated thermometer, bath accessories and some additional support for infants, the cost increases to approximately $40.