Baby in bath with rubber duckie

Bath Toys

Some children love bath time and other children hate it. Over the years bath time has been made more fun with the expansion of the bath toy market.

There are tons of bath toys out there, making bath time a much more enjoyable experience, especially for those who dislike baths.

Types of Bath Toys

The bath toy market has exploded over the last few years. Any toy imaginable that would be fun in the bath is on the market and can be purchased. The traditional bath toy is the rubber ducky – and yes, this bath toy does still exist and is still quite possible. Most children still have a rubber ducky to play with at bath time!

Other bath toys now in the market are: stacking cups in different shapes and colors, soft and cushiony toys, foam letters and numbers, fishing rods with plastic fish, bath books, net baskets with shapes to dunk in the basket, nets with insects to catch, bubble makers, foam mirrors, wind-up toys, plastic sports balls, and card games.

Of course with all the bath toys, there must a toy organizer. There are quite a few types of toy organizers to choose from. There are mesh bags, waterproof fabric holders that have pockets and sections, bath toy baskets, movable storage caddies that sit across bathtubs and bath toy storage totes.

One type of bath toy that is relatively new is bathtub paint. There is a brand that markets tub paint that is washable. Along with bathtub paint comes crayons and markers as well. Little ones can design art each time they are in the tub. Stickers that are removable are also becoming more common. These stickers can go on the walls or bottoms of bathtubs. There are also art kits that include paint, markers, crayons and stickers all in one.

Brand Names of Bath Toys

With such a wide variety of bath toys there is also a wide list of brands who manufacture bath toys. Some brand with innovative bath toys are: Summer Infant, Disney and Sassy.

Summer Infant produces Minnie’s Pocket Book of Fun. This set includes a Minnie’s Tub Tote with Tumblers! The mesh Minnie Mouse bag includes three Minnie Mouse tumblers that spin in the water. Also included in the set are suction cups.

Disney has a variety of toys for making bath time fun. The Disney Winnie the Pooh Bath Time Squirters entertain children as they suck up water that can be squirted out. They are made of soft plastic that is easy to squeeze and are small enough for little hands to grasp. This set comes with three squirters: Pooh, Eeyore and Piglet.

Fill “N” Fun created a Water Play Mat is a mat that allows children to have water fun without getting wet. This inflatable play mat is has underwater scene designs that are brightly colored. The scene includes fish, a sun and other water scenes around the edge.

Sassy also produces some bath toys. Their Bath Squirter Sweet Surprise Color Changing Cupcake Set provides entertainment for babies. This toy also has some developmental toy qualities as well. The baby learns cause-and-effect as they pour water over the cupcakes. This makes the decorations disappear. It also helps develop fine motor skills as the child places the cupcakes in the serving tray.

Price of Bath Toys

As a result of so many different types of bath toys, it is only appropriate that there are an equal range of prices. A rubber ducky or a bath squirter is most likely one of the cheaper bath toys that can be purchased. Bath sets that have multiple products such as a set of bath toys with tote bag are more expensive. Also more expensive are brand names such as Crayola. Crayola also offers a set of markers, paints and crayons for the bathtub which is about $10-15 depending on what items are included. Another more expensive bath toy would be a toy shape sorter. An underwater bathmat and bath books are similar in price and around about $5-7. Any bath toy or bath set that are branded with a themed character, such as Minnie Mouse, is typically more expensive than the same toy that is not branded.