Baby Basin

Bath-time Accessories

There are many bath time items that are designed to help when bathing a baby.

As babies cannot sit up in a bath nor should they go underwater, specific items have been manufactured to keep babies safer in the bath and to make bath time easier for parents.

Types of Bath time Accessories

There is an extensive selection of different bath time accessories on the market. For the most part, anything a parent can think of for bath time is available. Some items are marketed to make parents more comfortable, such as a bath floor kneeler that come in different shapes, palm mitts to ensure parents have a good grip on squirming and wet little ones, and an elbow rest to protect elbows when leaning over the tub. Items for baby’s comfort include bath slings, towel warmers, rinsing containers that have splashguards, soap dispensers and bath mats. Some bath mats have fun designs on them such as the Sesame Street bath mat. Another item for bath time that is designed for baby’s comfort is a sponge cushion. These cushions may in the shape of animals such as a fish, flower, turtle and so on. The cushion is placed on the bottom of an adult tub and provides a soft seat for the baby to sit on during bath time.

There are also some safety items that are helpful during bath time. Thermometers display the temperature of the water. These devices come in different shapes including a duck, an octopus, a princess, a crocodile, a turtle and Winnie the Pooh. Another baby safety tool is the faucet cover. These covers protect babies from hurting themselves on the faucet and spout. The covers are available in different colors and many are whimsical in shape such as a whale, a duck, Under the Sea, Finding Nemo, and Elmo.

Other bath time accessories include towels and washcloths. Often baby’s towels are hooded and the hood may have animals on them.

Brand Names of Bath time Accessories

As there is such a widespread range of bath time accessories, it makes sense that there is a plethora of manufacturers of such items. Angelcare, Safety 1st and Mommy’s Helper are just a few brands of bath time accessories. Angelcare manufactures a Bath Support to help wash a baby. It is ergonomically designed and made of durable plastic. It also features an anti-slip base. This Bath Support is a safe way to have a baby in the bath.

Safety 1st is another well-known baby product manufacturer and produces bath time accessories. Their Sink Snuggler Baby Bather is one of their products that were specially designed to bathe babies in sinks. The accessory accommodates infants and toddlers. It will adjust to fit most kitchen sinks. This bathing accessory is made of foam that is both mold and mildew resistant, Another useful feature of this product is that it folds, making it easy to store and travel with.

Mommy’s Helper also makes some bath time accessories that are useful for bathing babies. Their Baby Bath Gate sections off the part of the adult tub that is close to the faucet – it blocks access to the faucet. It also makes the bathtub a little smaller for bathing small children. It fits the tub snuggly as it features a swivel design. It is easy to take in and out and rolls up for easy storage.

Price of Bath time Accessories

As there is such a wide range of bath time accessories, there is also a wide range of prices of each type of accessory. Washcloths and hooded towels are inexpensive items – usually just a few dollars for towels and about one dollar a washcloth. Bath thermometers and faucet covers are also fairly inexpensive regardless of what type and shape of them. Items such as the Safety 1st Sink Snuggler and Angelcare’s Bath Support are more expensive items. Towel warmers typically cost around $40, bath mats are about $20 and rinsing containers start at about $10. Features of bath accessories that are mildew resistant are often a little bit more in price.