Mother giving son a bath

Bath & Potty


Bath time is an essential time of a baby’s day.

When babies are newborns, it is not necessary to bathe them more than once or twice a week. It can actually cause dryness to bathe newborns more than this. Sponge baths are common with newborns as it is easier for the parents and safer for a new baby. Once the baby becomes a little older, about 3 months old or so, bathing can become a regular part of the child’s night time routine. Bathing can be a very relaxing and soothing experience. It may also help with fussiness. Giving a baby a bath at a consistent time each evening can help considerably to establish a bedtime routine.

One trend in bath time is making it fun for the child. Bath time is now seen as a fun experience and is often drawn out much longer than in past years. Making bath time fun may include: singing songs and rhymes, playing with the child’s senses by using bath items of different textures and playing with toys. Playing with toys encourages imaginary play which has significant developmental benefits. One fairly recent trend in bath time is to make artwork in the bath. Finger paints are becoming very popular in bathtubs as are crayons, markers and stickers. The older baby or toddler will be able to decorate the bath tiles and the tub, using his or her creativity plus giving a boost to his or her fine motor skills. Of course, for babies finger paints are much easier to use; crayons and markers can be used when they are older and have more advanced motor skills. With all of these bath toys and accessories, organizers are becoming the norm in a child’s bathroom. Organizers that suction to the bath tiles or can hang in a closet are most popular.

Spa baths for babies are chosen more often it seems than more simplistic baths. Spa baths have a hand-held shower sprayer and often have jets to make the bath more spa-like. These baths have hook ups to the regular water source in a bathroom so the features can be used. These spa baths are even more common for baby girls to have.

Potty time and bath time can often go hand in hand. Potty training can be a very stressful time not only for parents but also for children. It is a big step to potty train your child and there are tons of theories and techniques out there on how to potty train. Keep in mind however, that each child is unique and the training that works for one child may not necessarily work for another. As potty training can be so time-consuming and stressful, it is not surprising that the current trends for potty training revolve around making it as stress-free as possible. Something as simple as a personalized potty chair could make a difference for a child. These personalized chairs are becoming more popular as when a child sees his or her name, it makes the chair feel more like it is theirs which may encourage them to go potty on it. These potty chairs of course come with a higher price tag however, it may also reduce some of the training time or some of the stress associated with training and therefore may be worth every extra penny spent.

Along these same lines are potty chairs in shapes. Shapes such as sports balls, animals or even themed characters are all popular. By choosing a potty chair that is shaped like one of your child’s interest, it may reduce the stress of having to use a potty chair.