Portrait of a baby in a swing


Baby swings are a popular piece of baby gear as the swinging motion they provide can be effective in helping to put babies to sleep.

Swings have changed over the years, adding bonus features and changing in shape. Many baby gear collections will include a swing of some sort.

Types of Swings

Over the years, baby swings have changed but the basic premise has stayed the same: to gently rock the baby. There are many types of swings depending on what is desired: cradle swing, convertible swing to high chair, bouncer and swing set, travel versus full-sized swing and so on.

A cradle swing combines two different movements in one piece of baby gear: side to side like a cradle or back to front like a swing. It is more versatile than traditional swings and some of the models of this type of swing allows the cradle part to detach so the baby can be carried from room to room.

There are also swings that can be converted to a high chair for additional functionality. Depending on the set up of the product, the baby can sleep, sit, play or even eat. These swings usually have different height adjustments to grow with the baby. They also typically have wheels so it is easily portable.

Swing and bouncer sets offer two products in one – a chair that vibrates and plays music as well as a swing. These swings often cuddle and support the infant.

Another type of swing is a travel swing. Travel swings tend to be smaller, cheaper and are lower to the ground than full-sized swings. Another difference between travel and full-sized swings are that travel swings often have timers that turn off the swing to save the battery. This is often seen as a con when using the swing to try to get an infant to sleep.

Brand Names of Swings

Baby in swingGraco, Fisher-Price, Bright Starts and Disney are all popular brand names of swings. One of Graco’s best selling baby swings is the Graco Duo 2 in 1 Swing and Bouncer. This product combines a swing and bouncer in one product. The seat has a soft pad that offers extra body support to comfort the infant. It also features vibration and music to provide a relaxing and calming experience.

The Fisher-Price Zen Collection Cradle Swing is just one of Fisher-Price’s many baby swings available. This type of swing allows the baby to be rocked from front to back or side to side, like a cradle. The seat part is removable so that the infant can be easily transported into another room while sleeping. This swing also offers different recline positions.

Bright Starts offers a few different baby swings among their line of baby gear. The Bright Starts Ingenuity Smart & Quiet swing is one of their more popular models. This swing boasts a consistently smooth motion that has a quiet motor. It comes with a removable plush toy bar, 6 music choices and is easily folded.

Disney also manufactures baby swings. Most of their swings are character themed. Some of the characters include: Finding Nemo, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and the Lion King. There are variations of models and Disney carries traditional swings, swings to seats as well as the cradle swings.

Price of Swings

The price of baby swings typically depend on the type of swing purchased. Traditional swings without a lot of additional features are less expensive than those which offer many different features. The more basic, traditional models of baby swings can start around $50, regardless of the manufacturer. Baby swings that are more versatile, convenient and have upgraded features can increase in price to over $200. Other considerations such as whether the swing is part of a baby gear collection, whether it is character-themed such as Mickey Mouse and those with a combination of two products in one drive the price upwards. For the most part, the brand name of the baby swing does not significantly increase or decrease the price unless it’s a far superior brand that is less popular. All in all, it is usually the features of the baby swing that affects the price.