side view of a woman pushing a stroller on the beach


Aside from nursery furniture, strollers are probably the next most expensive piece of baby gear.

Therefore careful consideration should be given prior to purchasing a stroller. Factors such as size, convenience, purpose and preferences are all considerations. There are many types and styles of strollers depending on needs and budget.

Types of Strollers

Selecting a stroller has become an overwhelming decision as strollers have evolved so much over the past few years. Some types of strollers include: travel systems, jogging strollers, lightweight strollers and double or triple strollers. Each category of strollers has many strollers to choose from with varying features.

Travel systems are quite popular. A travel system includes a stroller and car seat that are compatible. This type of stroller is very convenient as the car seat carrier fits in the stroller, ensuring the infant is comfortable. Another advantage to this is if the infant is sleeping, he or she can be easily transferred to or from the car.

Jogging strollers are designed with three wheels so that they are easy to push and provide a comfortable ride while the parent is jogging. There is one large wheel at the front of the stroller and two smaller wheels at the rear. Pushing the stroller is made easier with a sturdy handrail.

An umbrella stroller is known for its lightweight design and convenience however they are not suitable for infants as there is no support for the head. The advantages of this stroller are it folds up easily, weighs less than other strollers and it is less bulky.

Double and triple strollers hold more than one child. Double strollers can either place children side by side or one behind the other. This type of stroller is great for twins or for two children close in age. Triple strollers are perfect for triplets or for daycare centre as it allows three children in the stroller, one behind the other.

Brand Names of Strollers

Graco is very well-known for years for its travel systems. Their travel systems include a carrier, stroller and a car seat base. Graco’s strollers include those that are more lightweight than traditional strollers, those that offer fast action fold and those that carry two children.

Quinny offers a wide variety of strollers with many of them compatible with Maxi-Cosi car seats. The strollers come in an array of colors and have an adjustable harness that allows the stroller to be adjusted to three different heights. One feature of some of the Quinny strollers is that it folds up by itself at the press of a button.

Peg Perego offers more basic strollers up to more comprehensive strollers. One of their best selling models is a Skate Stroller that allows a bassinette to be turned into a full-sized stroller seat. Peg Perego strollers offer features such as adjustable heights, zippered hoods and a multi-position seat that allows the baby to face outward.

Bugaboo makes a few different stroller bases which are known for their versatility. It is easily converted into a bassinette from a seat setting and the handlebar can be adjusted to a preferred height. This stroller is light, compact and has different positions depending on the terrain. Included in the Bugaboo stroller frame is: the frame with wheels and the seat frame, a handle, rain cover and underseat bag.

Price of Strollers

The price of strollers depends very much on the type of the stroller. Travel systems can be quite expensive however, car seat carriers and bases need not be purchased separately. More expensive brands include Quinny, Peg Perego and Bugaboo whereas Graco offers more reasonably priced strollers. Sometimes as the convenience increases and the weight becomes lighter, strollers can increase in price. Less bulky strollers are preferred over bulky ones and therefore, the price increases as different materials and a different design are required.

The price of strollers also depends on the features. Features such as adjustable heights, easy folding, underseat bags and so on can increase the price over more basic models. Another price consideration is whether the stroller is part of a nursery collection. Sometimes if purchased with other pieces, such as high chairs, swings and bouncers there is a discount.