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Car Seats

Out of all the baby gear parents will buy for their baby, the car seat is by far the most important.

In fact, most hospitals will not allow infants to leave without being placed in the proper car seat. Therefore, careful consideration should be taken when selecting a car seat. Each country has their own regulations regarding the standards of car seats.

Types of Car Seats

One might think that there is a limited choice when selecting car seats but in fact the opposite is true. There are different types of car seats to consider when making a purchase, depending on the needs of the child. All car seats, regardless of kind are regulated to meet certain safety requirements.

An infant carrier is one type of car seat. This car seat is typically part of a travel system that comes with a stroller. This type of car seat has its advantages as the baby can be carried around it in – the carrier goes with the baby. The baby can be asleep and moved in and out of a car and also once at the destination, the baby has a seat to sleep in.

A convertible car seat is one of the most popular kinds of car seats as it grows with the child. Most convertible car seats can be used in infancy and may be used right up til the child is a toddler. Some of these car seats can even be used as a booster seat, allowing school-aged child to use them as well. When purchasing such a car seat, pay close attention to the weight restrictions, whether the seat can be used just rear-facing or front-facing or both and what the height the chair is good until.

A booster seat is just the seat part; it does not have a backing on it. These car seats are used for older children until they reach the weight restriction of when they can sit in the car without a seat.

Brand Names of Car Seats

Along with the various selections of types of car seats goes an even more broad selection of brand names of car seats. Britx, Orbit Baby, Maxi-Cosi and Safety 1st are just a few popular brand names. Britax offers a popular travel system as well a variety of convertible car seats. These convertible car seats weight limitations range from a minimum of 5 lbs up to 70 lbs. They also offer different accessories for car seats such as seat protectors, head support pillows and seat kick mats.

Orbit Baby is also a popular manufacturer of car seats. They offer only infant carriers car seats, with the car seat bases. One difference between Orbit Baby and other manufacturers is that they have created stroller seat color packs. These color packs have a canopy and upholstery covers that are available in nine different colors that can brighten up a plain car seat or stroller.

Maxi-Cosi is a very popular baby gear manufacturer. Their car seats work as a travel system with the Quinny stroller. Maxi-Cosi offers two choices of infant carriers and one convertible car seat. Their convertible car seat is designed for tiny infants from 4 pounds up to toddlers at 65 pounds.

Safety 1st is yet another car seat manufacturer and offers lines of infant carriers, convertible car seats as well as booster seats. Their line of Air Protect car seats is differentiated from other car seats as they offer an advanced air cushioning system.

Price of Car Seats

Car seats are generally one piece of baby gear that quality should not be compromised and therefore the price of car seats are somewhat similar. There is not a wide range of prices like there might be with some other pieces of baby gear, such as playards and strollers. There is still some variation in price however, especially between different types of car seats.

Some brand names are more expensive than others. Some more expensive brands include Maxi-Cosi, Orbit and Britax. Depending on the type of car seat, Graco is usually a more reasonably priced car seat with good quality products. For the most part, convertible car seats are more expensive than infant carriers or booster seats. However due to the nature of these seats, they can grow with the child so in the long run they are a good investment.