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Baby Gear


Baby gear typically consist of baby items like strollers, play yards, car seats and swings.

Each year new models of each type of baby gear come out, with better features than the previous year’s models. It is sometimes overwhelming to choose from the various models. One factor that can always be counted on is safety. Always choose the safest piece of baby gear. Safety should come before style, color and features. After that factor has been considered, the style becomes the next important factor. Baby gear is often passed down from one child to the next so many people very carefully choose their baby gear to ensure it will last for years to come.

Strollers have undergone significant changes over the last five or ten years. More manufacturers have jumped into the market, bringing with them different styles and changing trends. In the past strollers have been typically black – a very subdued color, especially for a piece of baby gear. One manufacturer has gone in the opposite direction and produced white strollers. This color gives the strollers a very modern and clean look. Colorful strollers are becoming more and more popular, so much so, soon black strollers will be passé.

Another popular trend in strollers is the convertible stroller. While in the past, these strollers were few and far between, lately their demand has been flourishing. The convertible stroller grows with the child – from baby right up to toddler. They typically have a detachable bassinet. These all-in-one strollers are seen as a good investment as parents should not have to purchase another stroller for the child.

European design manufacturers of baby gear are introducing their products into the US now more than ever. Typically the products from these manufacturers are more expensive however, a few have started producing baby items at reasonable prices. European styles are generally more sleek and lightweight than American product lines, especially with highchairs and strollers.

Another current design for baby gear is the retro style. Bassinets, strollers and highchairs made in a retro style are becoming popular. Retro prams and bassinets are certainly entering the baby market. These designs are usually bold and colorful.

Playards have certainly changed over the years. Traditional playards were playpens and they were used mainly to confine children during nap time and play time. Today’s playards have different features added to them including music, night lights, vibration. Additions such as bassinets and cuddle chairs are fairly recent and are seen as positive changes. Past models of playards have been simple and basic and nowadays they include many additional features to make little ones more comfortable.

Car seats are constantly changing to meet new safety requirements. Convertible car seats are somewhat of a recent phenomenon. In the past, parents would need to buy different car seats as their children grew. Nowadays convertible car seats grow with the child. Many are able to convert from rear facing to forward facing to a booster seat and weight restrictions are from as little as five pounds up to sixty-five pounds. This can be very beneficial to parents as only one car seat is required for the child.

Cradle swings are a modern type of swing. These swings have a seat that is suspended so that it can not only swing front to back but also from side to side – like a cradle. Parents often like this type of swing as there is greater potential for the baby to go to sleep.

Recent changes to baby gear have had positive outcomes for babies. Many of the changes have been to make the child safer. Different features added to baby gear often make the babies more comfortable.