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Grooming Essentials

Newborns rarely need much in the form of grooming.

Changing their diapers and giving them a sponge bath is mostly the grooming needed at the beginning. Trimming or filing their little nails may also be required. Once the baby reaches about two months old, their grooming needs do increase.

Types of Grooming Essentials

With little babies, there are often different grooming practices than with adults and even older-aged children. As such, different tools are required. These tools differ in size and type as babies’ needs are different. There are many items that can be considered under the category of Grooming Essentials. Some of these products include: combs and brushes, nail clippers, nasal aspirator, medicine dispensing syringe, toothbrush, scissors, thermometers, no-scratch mittens and so on. Most grooming essentials are available separately but also in a grooming kit. Grooming kits typically come in a travel or storage bag. Often these kits may also include wellness guides, reference cards as well as instructions on how to use certain items in the kit. Grooming kits can vary in size. Basic kits may just include nail clippers, scissors, a thermometer and a nasal aspirator. Deluxe kits will often include every grooming essential a baby could need plus reference guides. A deluxe grooming kit usually includes an upgraded carrying case as well.

Many grooming essentials can be purchased individually. Typically these items include: brushes, combs, nail clippers, nasal aspirators, toothbrushes, thermometers, scissors and no-scratch mittens. This is ideal for those who do not require everything that come in a grooming kit, would like doubles of certain items or have lost items from a grooming kit.

Brand Names of Grooming Essentials

With grooming essentials, some items should be bought from a trusted manufacturer. There are some brand names that are more popular than others. Popular brand names include: Safety 1st, The First Years and Summer Infant.

Safety 1st has a Deluxe Healthcare & Grooming Kit which contains grooming items that can easily be taken on the go. This kit includes a soft-bristled brush, a gentle comb, a comb specifically for cradle cap, a nasal aspirator, a medicine dispenser, easy grip nail clippers, a digital thermometer with case and probe covers, a handy emergency reference card, a toothbrush, alcohol wipes as well as emery boards. This kit is definitely a deluxe grooming kit with everything needed for grooming babies.

The First Years offers different grooming kits including the American Red Cross Complete Health & Grooming Kit. This collection includes 27 products for babies’ health and grooming needs through to the toddler stage. It consists of two different kinds of thermometers, a nasal aspirator, a medicine dispenser, nail clippers, different toothbrushes depending on the age, comb, scissors, rattle, emery boards, no scratch mittens, a storage bag and wellness guide.

Summer Infant manufactures the Carter’s line of grooming essentials. A popular grooming kit is the Mom’s to be  “Must Have” kit. This grooming kit includes a finger toothbrush for babies, a teether, nasal aspirator, thermometer, nail clippers, alcohol swabs, comb, a how-to-guide, pacifier for dispensing medicine, a medicine spoon. All of these items come in a stylish bag.

mother cleaning ears her baby after bathing

Price of Grooming Essentials

Grooming essentials are typically fairly cheap items. Bought individually the most an item may cost is $10-15 – and that is being very conservative. For the most part, each item is only a few dollars. Of course, the cost depends on the quality and the manufacturer. Some brand names may be more expensive than others. Out of all the grooming essentials, nail clippers and nasal aspirators might be a little more expensive than other items such as no-scratch mittens.

Grooming essential kits are initially more expensive however when the cost per item is considered, it is usually less expensive. Grooming kits are more cost effective as long as each of the items are necessary. If only a few items are needed, it is better to purchase the items separately.