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A baby goes through an excessive number of diapers throughout his or her lifetime.

These diapers add up, therefore it is important to research the types, brands and costs of this essential. Many people have preconceived notions about diapers but it is important to consider all the pros and cons of each before the baby arrives.

Types of Diapers

With diapers, there are essentially two different types to choose from – cloth or disposable. In saying that, there are different products in each category. Cloth diapers are more environmentally friendly as they are reusable and made of cotton. Cloth diapers can be either laundered at home or a diaper service can be used. With laundering cloth diapers at home, it is important to look into the different styles of cloth diapers to figure out which better suits you. Some cloth diapers just have reusable inserts with a plastic pant, some are all-in-one cloth diapers and so on. Regardless of which style is preferred, it is safe to have at least 32 cloth diapers on hand of the current size.

By using a diaper service, fresh and sanitized diapers will be delivered right to your door. When they deliver the new ones, they will pick up the soiled ones. It is up to the parent as to how frequent deliveries are made. With a diaper service, the parent receives the benefit of using cloth diapers but without any extra laundry.

Disposable diapers are still a very popular choice. One of the biggest drawbacks to using disposable diapers is that they are not biodegradable – which is a concern for those who are environmentally conscious. However some brands are taking this disadvantage under advisement and making their diapers more environmentally friendly. One of the leading advantage to disposable diapers is convenience: these diapers do not need to be washed, parents do not need to be home to get the diapers (as they would with a diaper service) and if you run out of diapers, they can be purchased in many places.

Brand Names of Diapers

There is an overwhelming number of brands of diapers – whether or not cloth or disposable diapers are used. Some popular diaper brands are: Kushies and Bumkins for cloth diapers and Pampers and Huggies for disposable diapers.

Kushies makes a variety of cloth diapers aside from their classic diaper and basic diaper. Their Ultra Diaper offers extra absorbency that has 5 layers of cotton plus a middle “soaker” section. Their Ultra Lite Diaper has a waterproof outer barrier so that a diaper cover is not necessary. Their sizes range for each style with some offering preemie up to toddler or just infant to toddler.

Bumkins offers a wide variety of baby and children’s items. Bumkins cloth diapering system includes all-in-one cloth diapers as well as diaper covers. With the diaper covers, reusable inserts can also be purchased. They also have contour soakers that are designed to fit many different diapers.

Pampers is a leading brand of disposable diapers and other baby items. They offer many different types of diapers including: Swaddlers, Baby Dry, Extra Protection and Sensitive Skin. They also offer disposable training pants for both boys and girls.

Huggies is another leading brand of disposable diapers. They offer wipes as well as diapers. Their variety of diapers include: Pure & Natural, Little Snugglers, Little Movers, Overnight and Snug & Dry. They also offer a swimming diaper called Little Swimmers. Their line of diapers also includes training pants.

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Price of Diapers

The price of diapers tends to be very high over the first few years of life; therefore it is important to look at all the different styles before choosing a diaper. The simplest and most economical kind of diaper is a cloth diaper that is washed by hand. The biggest investment is the cloth diaper and maintenance can be very cheap, especially if a homemade diaper detergent is made.

The next cheapest diaper is a cloth diaper provided by a service. Although, sometimes this alternative can be more costly than disposable diapers, depending on what the service entails. For instance, does the delivery service include the changing of deodorizing disks in the diaper pail? There are also some extras that can be added on for convenience such as wipes, pails, covers and reusable bags. Disposable diapers are typically the most expensive diapering choice. Cloth diapers delivered by a diaper service can become much more affordable if there is more than one child in the household who are in diapers.