mother is combing baby`s hair after bathing

Baby Care


While there are a number of large baby items that need to be purchased in anticipation of a new baby’s arrival, there are even more items that are necessary for baby’s care.

Items such as diapers, grooming essentials, humidifiers, thermometers and pacifiers are all part of taking care of a baby. Many expectant parents enjoy shopping for baby care items – buying all those little things for their soon-to- be bundle of joy. Thankfully, only a few essentials will all that a newborn baby needs. As the baby gets a little older, they require additional items but there will be plenty of time to shop for them.

Some baby care items are a trial and error process for purchasing. For example, some diaper rash creams may work better on one baby than the next. Some babies may be allergic or have sensitivities to certain soaps and shampoos. Before blowing the budget buying up the drugstore, parents should buy small sizes of items to try or better yet, get samples from manufacturers. It is common nowadays to sign up by email with manufacturers of baby items to receive special offers. Often these offers include sample products from manufacturers of baby products such as formula, wipes, diapers and diaper rash creams.

A trend in diaper essentials is a diaper wipe warmer. While some may feel that is an excessive or a luxury baby accessory, it can be very useful. Wipes can be quite cold as a parent may find out during those late night diaper changes. Often when a baby wipe is used, it startles the child. In the middle of the night, this may wake a baby up which means the baby must be put back to sleep afterwards. By using a wipe from a wipe warmer, the baby does not startle and may drift more easily back to sleep after his or her diaper has been changed.

Along the same lines as the diaper wipe warmer is a room thermometer. Nursery thermometers are increasing in popularity. A nursery that is too cold or too warm may adversely affect a child’s sleep. Infants often have difficulties regulating body temperature and therefore a room thermometer may be essential, especially for newborns. When infants are either too warm or too cold, they may get fussy and not sleep as well as they should.

Another current trend is diaper disposals. A diaper disposal system is a fixture nowadays in many nurseries. This great gadget’s main purpose is to minimize the smells of dirty diapers and can be emptied as little as once a week. Another fixture in a nursery that is becoming more common to have may be a night light. Night lights in the shape of animals are becoming trendy. These night lights give off a mellow glow instead of the bright glare of a lamp or overhead light. This convenient item will provide parents with enough light to come in to feed and change their baby but will not wake up a baby.

One new invention with teething aids are chewbeads. These chewbeads are necklaces that a mother can wear around her neck that her baby can chew on when they are teething. These necklaces are quite stylish, making them even more attractive to mothers.

Portrait of three months old baby girl wearing pink winter hat